Monday, December 5, 2011

Gone Fishin'

 Before I tell my story I would like all readers to know. That I am no English Major and my typing is generally very bad!  I will always do my best to make things readable. so sit back relax and enjoy my Blog. 

So the tittle for this week is Gone Fishin'  for multiple reasons. This week Elder Wilkins and I have been contacting, fasting, praying, and contacting some more! This week Elder Wilkins and I have desperately been searching for people to share the gospel with. This week we have had 30 teaches out on the Street! This is really really good for Norway. Most people never Stop... I don't know what it was but the Lord has been over Norway this last week, Blessing this Mission. We now have 8 new progressing investigators. This is FANTASTIC!  All of these people were very willing to meet and learn more about the Gospel. 

A few of these eight investigators are very positive and even one named, Inara wants to baptized before January. This week truly has been  a Blessing of Mission work. I am so grateful to be here. I love Norge, learning Norsk, and meeting fantastic, caring, and loving Norwegian People.

Now you may have noticed my picture up  above this post. I have my awsome fishing rod that my father sent me. On the end is a 50kr lapp attached to the line. Well every weekend the city gets very very loud at night when we are trying to sleep. One of the biggest reasons it gets so loud is because we live across the street from two Bars... and people are always coming out Drunk, yelling, Etc... you know doing what drunk people do best. Well now I am sure you can see where this Story is going and yes this is where this story is going! 
About 11 o clock Saturday night I was sick of not being able to sleep so I thought if they are going to have fun, then well Dagnabit! I'm going to have a little fun too!  So I set up my fishing pole and went Drunk fishin!  casting the 50 kr Lapp  across the Street from 6 stories up, and just sitting there waiting for a person to come out of the Bar... Sure enough after 5 minutes or so... someone came out! I slowly reeled in the line...  as the person follows the 50 kr lapp across the street right to the base of our building. Right as they picked up the 50kr Lapp! YONK!!!! right up the side of our Building disappearing into the dark!  All they could hear was two people laughing in the dark!  We repeated this action until about 12 O'clock at night. now I know you may say this is just cruel, but I feel like they brought it upon themselves, being loud and not letting me sleep! lol so there had to be some kind of justice...  haha and that was how I sought  my justice.   

So this has been a wonderful week for mission work and also a fun and playful week. 
I hope everyone else had wonderful week this past week and I wish for you another Great Week! 

Love Elder Strange!  


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  1. Ok Brother - if you are going to be a fisher for men, then do it right. Lure them to the base of the building and lower a book of mormon to them. They will be bewildered. Get creative...