Monday, January 30, 2012

Utah Local is a Trondheim Hero!

Johnna Lynn Dewberry

So this week my post goes out to the Trondheim hero! MY SISTER!  Johnna Lynn Dewberry. 

Some people must watch what they say on Facebook talking about God and 
cutting down other people's beliefs. Because if they don't know what they are talking about
my sister will for sure let them know how it really is!  Its great to have have such a smart family. My sister is very well educated along with my father! I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from both of them!  A few days ago on Facebook a new convert to the church Gjermund. was commenting on one of his pictures of the aurora borealis. He was saying how it was wonderful to see the creations of God. Well one of his friends commented trying to disprove God etc... Trying to hurt Gjermund's faith. A lot of people wanted to respond but did not know how to respond! As people were trying to think of a way to reply to this man low and behold Johnna Lynn Dewberry came along and told him how it is in a very polite and respectful way. As the Facebook battle went on my sister  would set each person straight as they tried to disprove her! But the best part is, people did not even know where they were getting there facts from. All of the YSA here in Trondheim followed this posting for a period of time cheering for my sister, while she set each person straight one by one. She became the talk of the YSA and of the Mission field.  I was very proud to say YEP! that's My SISTER! 

So a special thank you to my Wonderful Sister Johnna Lynn Dewberry
Standing up for others, sharing the good word through knowledge and faith!

Thank you Johnna Lynn Dewberry

We All love you! 


  1. That is an amazing story! Good job, Johnna :)

  2. Thanks Al - but not sure my last few posts were nearly that polite. I have to say when you start stating that science can explain everything and once we know everything, that we no longer need God - well, I didn't hold back. Not sure if any of it was helpful. Sweet Gjermund's faith and authenticity will hold stronger than any thing that I could possibly have to say in response to that. The attitude of positive love and gratitude is more powerful than anything I could have said. We cannot change what others think or believe - as it is the gift of agency. It is an individual path and journey. We are all seekers of truth, but truth is not limited to human thought. That is where ego and arrogance can blindside a person from seeing that which is eternal, and keeps the Source of their existence from being perceived.