Monday, October 15, 2012

Eye Candy of Norway!

Eye Candy of NORWAY!

 Dear Friends and Family. I am sorry I have not kept you posted on what has been happening over the last month here in Ålesund. But for those of you who read my little blog, you are in for a great treat coming this way. Yes that is right, over these next three weeks you will have some new and exciting story's Coming! and Trust me you do not want to miss next weeks Story! :) But for now. The reason why the tittle of this post is called Eye Candy of Norway, is because I would like to take the time to share with you just how Beautiful this country really is. Before I begin I would like everyone to know a simple picture can NOT justify the true beauty of this place. And sadly to add, the last post I added. The Three Billy Goats Gruff. My camera developed a screen error, so I have been taking picture with my Ipod. So my current pictures really do not justify the True Beauty of Norway, so ill just have to make do with what I have for now. :)  But recently we have Traveled to Trollstigen and over the mountain to Geirangerfjord these are just some of the most Beautiful places in the world "in my personal opinion" It was fantastic to see these two places and the journey between the two, it was most definitely a breath taking drive...  Also to make everyone a little jealous this what I have gotten to see almost every day since I have been here in Norway. :P  So I hope you enjoy the pictures I have taken! And thank you for all of your love and Support!

Love Eldste Strange.

"Additional Note.  Please Feel free to click on  any of the TrollstigenGeirangerfjord and Ken Block Links they will take you to some more breath taking pictures, provided by Google Images of these places,I have just recently Been! and also info about who Ken Block is."

"On the Way to Trollstigen"
" Elder Strange (Me) At the bottom of  Trollstigen
" Elder Perry at the bottom of Trollstigen"

"A little Stop Mid Way"
"At the Top of Trollstigen"
"Additional note, Ken Block was here and Drifted that road about 5 weeks ago.
the Tire tracks where still burnt into the road!" 

"Trollstigen Info center"
"Christine at the top of Trollstigen"

"Perry Confused..."


"On the way to Geirangerfjord

"Also on the way to Geirangerfjord "

"Geirangerfjord "

" Me at the viewing area of Geirangerfjord"

"Perry, Christine, and I at the viewing spot of Geirangerfjord"

"Back side of Geirangerfjord and down below the town Geiranger" 


  1. lil bro - definitely not defiantly ... LOL! Yes it is beautiful. Wish I could go see there some day, though I prefer the more warm and humid climates.

  2. Simply be here 3 months earlier than when Elder Strange were there, and I think you'll be fine. We got a saying here in Norway "There is no bad weather, only bad cloths", so all you got to do is to dress yourself so it'll feel like as if you are in thoose more warm and humid climates ;).

    Besides thoose more warm and humid climates, doesn't have such beautiful scenery as this ;).