Monday, October 29, 2012

Missionary Survival 101


This week I will be sharing with you some information on how to survive as a missionary. For those of you who have already served a mission and have survived, Congratulations! You are alive and reading my blog post on what I have to do to survive the rugged Norwegian wilderness! Now for those of you who have not served a mission, I will say that surviving a mission takes real determination of the heart, finding a love for others, and knowing what you are doing is right. The Lord will bless you and take care of you always throughout your mission. BUT this is not the Survival that I am talking about! I am talking about surviving on the land and what your mission has to offer you such as shelter, clothes, and most importantly FOOD! Yeap that is what this blog post is all about today! LIVING OFF THE LAND!  I should say I am one of the luckiest people in the world to be able to serve here in Norway. I can drink water from just about any place without filtering it. I have full access to Ocean Food! I guess that is really what I want to share with you today. Ocean food! Well for those of you who remember... about 2 months ago my companion and I caught about 96 fish. I had other plans for the insides and heads of the fish. Yes that is right I saved the fish guts and heads in a plastic container.  Now you might be wondering why! Well being raised the way I have been, I have a uncontrolled love for sea food. As a missionary I can not really afford sea food.  So I recently purchased a crab cage. Yes a crab cage, which maybe has been the best 100kr ( about $17 USD ) I have spent on my mission. We should spend roughly 20 kr for each meal of the day which is very hard to do! That is why most of my mission I have eaten rice and chicken which is why I have lost such a significant amount of weight. Now I get to change it up, because it is crabbing season. Yeap that is right I have officially started my own Deadliest Catch! but with no boat... :( but that is ok! im sure Sig Hansen would be proud! )

So Ladies and Gentlemen  please enjoy my pictures of my Deadliest Catch! 

In Addition: Click Sig Hansen's name or the Northwestern to find out who he is!.  Also If you need real survival tips for Norway here is a quick list! 

1. Big Warm jacket
2 .Fishing pole
3. Good shoe's
4. Ice defrosting tools! 
5. Learn a small amount of Norwegian 
6. Double your money before thinking on buying stuff here!

Enjoy the Pictures! 

The Cage. 

First Catch.

The Second Catch.

The Third Catch.

 THE BIG GUYS! Each of these crabs goes for about 45kr. a piece out on the docks. 



Perry and THE MONSTER! 

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