Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just a little Service


Well I know I have been sent to places where my talents are needed throughout my mission, it has been a wonderful experience to be able to help so many people on my mission. A little while ago Elder Perry and I had the chance to do some service for some elderly members of the branch here in Ålesund, who often do not make it to church due to their health conditions. We had been told by some people of the church that they needed help maintaining their yard due to the fact the rider lawn mower was broken and they where unable to push the regular lawn mower.  So we went to offer our services. As we were clipping their grass and trimming the hedges the husband of the family uncovered the rider mower, and tried to start it.  Well for those of you who know me! I love engines and I love to work with them. I could not resist to ask if I could take a look. After changing the spark plugs and filling the engine with starter spray, it would not turn over. I looked at the air intake and that lead into the carburetor. I could see no gas was going into the carb... so I took the carburetor apart and cleaned it out well, and came to find there was some kind a hardened crystal like material in needle blocking the flow, so with a small needle I was able to clear it out!  after cleaning the carburetor and 5 minutes later of putting it back together and putting back on to the mower it was time to see if she would turn over! :)  feel free to see what happened! 
                     (you may want to pause the music over on the right hand side of the blog.) 

ok ok and we didnt pull start it! I did cheat and used the jumper cables from the car because the battery was dead and I just wanted to be able to start her right up! haha yeah I guess I'm still a little impatient... :)  But it was GREAT to see how happy they were and it was truly fantastic to be able to help them! I love being here on my mission and having these wonderful opportunities to help others... And I am grateful to be here in Norway. 

Hey we got it! :)  just need to adjust the idle! 
Yeap that should do it! Let's clean up! 

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