Monday, March 4, 2013

My Loving Family

Family's Are Forever!!!

Last week I had the opportunity to visit my family and spend a couple of great and priceless hours with them. I am not talking about my family back home in America. But I am talking about my Norwegian Family. A Family I hold dear to my heart and will always remember, and sometimes wishing somehow I really was related to them in some type of way! But they have adopted me as one of there own, and have taken care of me throughout my mission. I havetruly accepted them to be my second set of parents, and they have accepted me as their Bonus Son. So now I would like to take just a moment and tell you the story of how it came to be.  

When I first entered the Mtc, it was by far one of the Hardest moments in my life to leave my family. I will say however it was easy for the first month not to miss them, because I have been on my own many times before for long amounts of time.  But when I arrive at the SLC Airport from the Mtc. I was able to see my parents one last time. Realizing that was kind of a mistake, the entire trip to Norway I came to the realization that I would not be seeing my biological family for the next two years! I made me pretty depressed and my heart Sank to my feet, knowing that Two years is going to be a long long time! I cried often on the trip to Norway,  And really Understanding how much I truly did love and appreciate my parents for everything they did for me. 

When I Arrived In Norway, I was Called to the City Arendal, "in mission terms my Greenie place". 
While I was living in Arendal, there was a family with three overly energized children, who would sometimes talk to us.  One day My companion and I were out in the back yard doing something and before we knew it we were playing with three crazy little kids. Signe (the Mother of the children) came outside to call her kids inside, to keep them away from the weird Mormon's! "because we are scary" That and to give us our space, because she knew that we planned at night and she just wanted to keep her kids from bothering us... (But it was nice to play with them because they brought us happiness after a day full of rejection).  The kids being kids, would not go in and they  kept trying to play with us.  So we told them to listen to there momma! and go inside...  After that day of playing with the kids almost every night after that the kids would try to come play with us once we returned home. Over time we became very close to Signe and Øystien (Husband to Signe)  as well the children. They became more understanding of what we do and who we are. we also were on a first name bases with them because its weird to call us by Eldste or just our last name.  After My First companion left and the new one Arrived. That is when I Became the closest with the Gullvosen  Family! there are countless story's, Moments and great memory's that I share with my Norwegian Family and I wish I could share them all!  I went Air Softing with her husband and on P-Days we went fishing with the entire Family. almost every night after planning we would go up stairs and spend our last hour before bed with them and there kids, maybe playing board games or just talking and telling story's. Signe would often be outside with the kids. as we left and returned home. once she found out how poor missionaries really are. There would be times she would make us dinner or even have a light breakfast for us in the morning. She really did take good care of us!  I had really grown to Love Signe, Øystien and the kids! they meant everything to me! I will never forget the day I was called to leave Arendal. It was the most Heart Breaking thing I had encountered since that day on the plane coming over to Norway.  

My last days with them were well spent! and it was hard to say good bye! 
I did not cry immediately after I left them.  But I will never forget the flight from Oslo to Trondheim. 
The tears were uncontrollable! I came to the thought that I may never see them again! I cried Harder then I ever did for my real family.  It was horrible I just wanted to go back to Arendal and never leave!

Well I can happily say... That I did see them again just last week! and since then they had a new child (Kevin Tobias).  A wonderful addition to their already Wonderful Family! I did not take any pictures of them while I was there because I was just to happy to think about taking pictures! and I didn't want to waste a moment that I had with them! It was a Fantastic day! and another day of my Mission that I will never forget!

I am so grateful for that small opportunity that I received, to be able to visit with them again! I can say that I truly do Love them with all my heart! and they will Always be My Bonus Family!....   

I love you!  

Signe, Øystien, Linn Marie, Daniel Mathias, Lisa Helene, and Kevin Tobias.

These weare some pictures from almost 2 years ago, sorry.  I hope you all enjoy!

Out fishing with the family! 
My Momma! Signe. 

My Dad! Øystien. Hva du vil? 

                 My little sisters... Linn Marie and Lisa Helene

Linn Marie and Lisa Helene  

Linn Marie and Lisa Helene 

Lisa Helene 

My Little Brother's Daniel Mathias And Kevin Tobias
Dressed up Like a Missionary For my Birthday! 

Kevin Tobias

Kevin Tobias and Lisa Helene

Daniel's Birthday!
Signe Made Me a birthday cake!!! 

Dad and I showing the Branch, whats up! 
Dad and I went Air Softing with the Branch In Arendal! 

Gifts the kids made for me!

My Family!!!! 
Signe,( 1 Month Pregnant with Kevin Tobias) Daniel Mathias, Linn Marie, Me (Al), Øystien,  And Lise Helene.

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