Monday, February 4, 2013

I Walked them to Death...

I Walked Them to Death...

Well If you are Wondering if I walked my companions to death... well No. Over the last month I killed my shoes...   :(    sad days they were so comfortable and so well worked in, they are defiantly great shoes! 
 To be honest I did not mind the holes in them. It was kind of nice because it kept my feel cool when they got to warm and the snow did not really go into the shoes when I walked around so my feet never got wet either.  Until Last week! the sun came out and the slush started rushing into the shoe... Now I don't know how this really works because I am in my new city T√łnsberg in the South of Norway and I see the sun again! But it is negative 10 degrees everyday and slushy all over the place. I find this really weird! you would think this stuff should freeze over but it doesn't!  Anyways back to the shoes! Now that water and slush makes its way into my shoes and soaks my feet and then begins to freeze! I decided it was time to fix them... At first I thought super glue would do the trick and it did work for about a week. Then the tear just became bigger putting stress in other parts of the shoe... Now I know I could fix my shoes with Duck Tape! But... I know for a fact that my mother would shoot me! x_x  If I had duck tape on my dress shoes holding them together.  It also states in the white hand book I should look like a Representative of the Lord and I am having a really hard time trying to remember the last time a I saw an apostle with ducked taped shoes! haha :)  so Anyways here are my pictures for the week of my destroyed shoes. O by the way I ended up going to Fretex and buying some "new" shoes as well... for those of you who don't know what Fretex is it is ran by the Salvation Army... So Fretex is there version of D.I.  Gotta Love D.I.!   

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! and Thank you for all of your love and Support!

Love your Elder Strange...

P.s. here is my New Address for any of those who may want or need it.

 Eikveien 77 A
3122 T√łnsberg

P.s.s. I come home in about 7 weeks So I do not suggest send me anything once we reach the month of March because there is a chance I may not receive it in time before I return home. 

They Dont look to bad do they?

The hole in the heel... 

The heel of the Insole of my shoes...  
just so you can see how big the hole really was.... 

just so you can see how big the hole really was.... 

The To spilt hole.. I got some tough Big toes! 

The inside Heel

The Right Insole of the shoe 

The left Insole of my shoes

The Insoles together. 

And last but not least My "NEW" Overly Pointy D.I. Shoes... 

NOT TO SHABY EHY?  and yes there are really pointy haha!

Havea Great week Everyone! Love you All!!!


  1. I think duck tape would have been perfect Al. Doing work for the Lord has many shoe stories - and feet stories too. Joseph Smith sent missionaries out with no purse and they dependent on the charity of others which meant dependence upon the Lord. It has never been about what we materially look like but the message being given. So duck tape would have been a representation to me of making do and commitment to the Lord. But since you had a thrift store - I support that too. I think it builds character to have holes in our shoes some times. But only you Al can stand that weather. Speaking of shoes, I have been thinking about making my own out of deer skin and sheared wool, and maybe cutting soles out of recycled tires. I have been reading about preparing the animal skins for shoes and clothing. If we are heading into tribulation any time soon, I want to be warm with out the RFID chip being put into my clothing. This world is getting crazier and more materialistic every day. I keep waiting for judgment upon us all. Love the shoes Al. Love your Sissy.

  2. Of course you have to be careful because all tires also have the chip - maybe I will find something else to make soles.