Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wrong Turn

Well last week Elder Johnson and me were on our way to give a member a blessing out in Gryllefjord.
But I went against my better judgement and trusted the GPS. well needless to say the Gps was right. but it was wrong! The Gps toke us to a place called Sommarøy, a place where Elder Johnson and I have wanted to go for a while now since being here in Tromsø. So it did work out. but sadly to say the ferry that was suppose to take us from Sommarøy to Senja was closed during the winter.  It would have cut off a hour of driving time if... it would have been open but it was not. Sorry GPS but you failed again!!! haha you can never trust those things.  anyways two days later Elder Johnson and I once again, set out for our journey to Gryllefjord.  This time we succeeded! about 2 and half hours into our 3 hour journey Elder Johnson told me to stop and turn around that he just saw a Giant Troll...  well he had me there! :) So I turned around...  low and behold there was a Giant Troll.... actually lots of trolls! all over the place! haha it was a Troll Park!  we stopped only for a few minutes and continued our journey to Gryllefjord, so we could continue the Lords work. It was a great trip and well worth every minute off time spent in the car.  I am very glad we were able to help this member out. 

Well that's this week story! I hope you all enjoy the pictures and next week I will be writing you from my new location Tønsberg!!!

Thank you for all of your love and support!

Love  Elder Strange.

Welcome to Sommarøy

O yeah we saw our first Reindeer there as well!  

Awww so cute! 

Yeah its pretty out there! 

I just love the beauty of Norway

well ferry was closed! time to go home... 

on the way back to Tromsø

O more Reindeer! 

The Troll Park. 

The Giant Troll And Johnson!
Me and the Giant Troll! 

Troll family...

hmm well lets see here... 
hey you are the guy that Nei Takked me last week!!! 

Mmmmm Tasty warts! 

What did you say!!!!? 

Finally Gryllefjord! this picture does not justify the true beauty of this place at all!!! 

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  1. What a beautiful and magical place. I wonder about the Fae folk there. I mean with all the stinky nasty trolls around - I imagine the other wee folk that are so mischievous don't stick around much. Norway seems awesome - but like every where else, their beautiful traditions and folklore has somewhat become commercialized and cartoonish. The imagination and spiritual attunements of the mind can be such a beautiful thing - had it not been pillaged by atheistic ideals that only seek that of their own flesh. Wish I could visit.