Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Unexpected Travels

Unexpected Travels 

Well last week Elder Johnson and I received a phone call from the Assistants, saying that Elder Johnson and I needed to drive 4 hours out of hour area to go pick up the summer tires for another car... that were stored 
in the city Alta and were forgotten when the Alta car was dropped off here in Tromsø. 
so last week Elder Johnson and I drove up to Alta and spent the night at a members house. Before we left Alta we decided that we should take an additional 2 hour drive out of the way to go and visit the Nord Kapp!!! For those who do not know what that is... Well it is only The Northern Most Point Of Continental Europe!!!. Sitting at 70° 10' 21"  It was well worth the drive to go an be able to see that, considering the fact I have not done much sightseeing during my mission. It was an fantastic journey going through Mountains and barren lands of snow.  So I hope you all Enjoy the Pictures for this little unexpected journey. and feel free to click on all Nord Kapp links to see more images. 

Thank you for all of your Love and Support!.

Love Elder Strange.

 All the way up there! 
So the Journey begins. 

Just some Cool boats... 

Just some pretty scenery and boats...  
Where are we??? 

The Final Stretch!!! 


Woot We made it!!! :D

I see you my pretty!

haha silly trolls! 

                          NordKapp is Also the land of the Midnight  Sun..... the sun will never go down!!!
                                                                          During the summer that is.  :)

just on the journey home really really Pretty! 

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