Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Land of the Mid-Night Sun!

The Longest Day of the Year!!!

Well we have just had the longest day of the year here in Norway! I would like to say that the longest day of the year means longest 2 weeks of the year. HA! HA! YEAP! That is right the sun has not gone completely down for about 2 weeks, before this day the sun stopped going down about a week before this night... and still has yet to go completely down... But on (Santhans) it is very common to have a big fest late into the night... and the tradition is you have a very large Bonfire through out the night!  Now as missionarys obviously we are not allowed to stay up all night. Since it is a national holiday kind of like New Years Eve we were allowed to stay out until one AM and wear NORMAL CLOTHES! :) as long as we were with a member. This was nice since the ward had a party on the beach pretty late into the night, but it never got dark! Ha! Ha! It was really,really cool! Lots of fun! So here are some pictures below that you can enjoy and see the ward here in Fredrikstad.


Have a HAPPY SANTHANS!!! :) 

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