Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Golden Investigator!

Solveiga Simonaitiene and Elder Strange

Well I have now had my first baptism, But I would like to state the fact that it is not my baptism
it is the Lords.  The Wonderful Women in this Picture is SOLVEIGA SIMONAITIENE.  She was lead by the Spirit and so were we, so we could have the opportunity to share the Gospel with her. 
Now Soveiga comes from Lithuania. She speaks Russian, Lithuanian, and English, and soon Norwegian.
When she was contacted by the missionaries she was taught a small first lesson. But we also told her that we could help her learn Norwegian. She needed to learn Norwegian so she could have a job here in Norway and so she could send money home to her family back in Lithuania. Solveiga is one of the most amazing people I have ever met! She works all day long and gives all her money to her family back in Lithuania. She has no family here in Norway and was very alone.The second time we met Soveiga.  We only had the intent of helping her learn Norwegian, because we felt that she was not that interested in what we taught her on the street. But when she came into the church that day she sat down with us and pulled out the Book of Mormon! Looked into our eyes and said " You told me this book could help me... I would like to know how this book is going to help me." Elder Torjesen and I both were not quit expecting that! We looked at each other and said ok with large grins on our faces. From that day forward, Solveiga became what most missionaries would call the Golden Investigator. Solveiga truly was ready in every way ready to except this Gospel. But sadly the very next week we received moves and Elder Torjesen and I were told that Hamar would be closing down for a transfer! Our third meeting with Solveiga would be that next Sunday at church! She sat and listened to Elder Torjesen and me. as we gave our good bye testimony to the people of Hamar.  Solveiga  coming to tears and also a few people of the Hamar Gren (Branch). I did not want to leave Hamar I found it to be my home! but I knew it was what the Lord wanted... We talked to Solveiga for about 2 minutes after church as she dashed out the door.  We received contact with her later that night... to set up a meeting, so we could see her one last time.  The next Tuesday morning we met with Solveiga one last she came in the door trying to hold back her tears she said to us. " I don't know if this is a part of the challenges in my life, but it seems that every time something good comes into my life it has to be taken away!" That statement nearly bringing me to tears, I asked her if she could sit down.  We asked her if we could share our testimony's with her of how we know this church is true. She politely said "yes of course."The Spirit was Strong! And we knew that Solveiga was ready to accept this Gospel. so we invited Solveiga to be baptized on (June 2nd 2012)... She accepted with a full and open heart. Now the only problem was the fact that there was no longer any missionaries in Hamar. We told our Mission President  and over the next few weeks the Elders from Romerike would travel up to Hamar and continue to teach her.  Also I would have the opportunity to drive up from Fredrikstad to teach her one last time and have my companion give her a baptismal interview.  It truly was nice to see her again! She asked if i could baptize her. I called and asked my Mission President.  He gave me the ok.  I was able to drive out of my area about 3 hours. so she could be baptized. The drive would be about from Provo to St. George, if you are familiar with that drive... and it was even longer when we drove up to Hamar! That was about Provo to about Vegas...  All in all it was alot of driving but so very worth it! I dont think I have ever met anyone so ready to accept this Gospel like her.  Solveiga truly is Amazing!  and there is a lot more to this story that I can not describe in detail by just writing this story.  I truly am glad for the opportunity to have taught Solveiga and bring her closer unto our Savior Jesus Christ.  She truly is a Remarkable Woman, and a Great Friend. I look forward to our friendship in this life and the next. 


  1. That is a wonderful conversion. So happy for you, that you helped her find the gospel. Sounds like you are doing a great job on your mission. Way to go Elder Strange! Keep up the good work.
    Robin Olsen

  2. Ok Brother - I need a magnifying glass to read this one. lol. Sounds very moving and a great story that you will have to expound upon when you get back. I think I am also going to have to help you with your grammar and figure out why you keep putting capital letters in all the wrong places. Giggles. I love you bro! You are awesome! It is going to be a bitter sweet time when your mission ends. Of course does a mission ever really end? <3