Monday, December 10, 2012

Lost My Heart back in Ålesund

A New Beginning

Well I am here in Tromsø and there has been alot happening already as new missionaries to the area but things seem to be going well. But I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest and that it stuck back in Ålesund. I never wanted to leave there!  I have felt like this before at the beginning of my mission when I left my Family back in Arendal. I told myself I would never get that attached to people again... most of my mission I was ok to leave places like Trondheim and Fredrikstad. but then I went to Ålesund and I met some of the greatest people that I will ever meet in my life time! and I found love for people again...  and I was scared to develop this much love for others again... But I truly made some GREAT!!!! FRIENDS!!! and I didnt hold anything back! The people Ålesund and I will never forget them!!! I promised myself that I would always do my best to be there for them when ever they are in need and I told them this as well. so now that everyone who has read this post, can know that I feel Triple accountable for that responsibility that promised   them and myself!  I have never broken a promise in my life and I don't intend to start anytime soon.  I really do miss and love the people I left back in Ålesund! there are not to many times I cry, but when I left Ålesund and was on the plane... the tears began to run and didnt stop! But this is a post about a new beginning! I am now here in in Tromsø like I have previously stated before, and it truly is a beautiful city! I love it her as well its another place that I really like and  I have a Great Companion "Eldste Johnson"
We have had a lot of fun working here and have already had a lot of great laughs.  so under each picture that I have posted there will be a little short story! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas! 

Love Elder Strange! 

p.s. Click on any Eldste Johnson to go to his Blog! or click Christine Sikveland to go to her Blog!

Left my Heart IN Ålesund! 

Gearing up for my first to catch my first fish in Tromsø

The last time I will see the sun for 90 days! so am pretty sure  that
next time i see the sun it will be in Utah! 

WOOT!!! MY First fish In TROMSØ! 

Sun never breached the mountains! but it certainly made a beautiful sunset!!! 

Eldste Johnson and Me looking at the Northern Lights! 

it was this same time last year! when I wrote my first Blog post! 

A Christmas card from Christine Sikveland she drew Eldste Johnson and  Me
looking at the Northren Lights! 

SUCH A AWESOME CHRISTMAS CARD!! Christine Sikveland!!! 

We are making Book of Mormon bundle and Joy to the World  dvd
to hand out on the Street! 

Eldste Johnson

Completed Bundles For Christmas!!! 

Completed Bundles For Christmas!!! 

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  1. Hey Al - this is super good for you - to learn how to get close to folks and also be mobile. It is a spiritual lesson of detachment to physical places, though the heart is always with the souls you love that may be there. Remember the things that matter most are eternal and location is only temporal. Allow yourself to be full and completely present where ever you are and you will hold all things dear. Love your sissy.