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Well Christmas has come and gone and now today is Ney Year’s Eve!  But over this last week I have received my Burnie Papers. Which are the papers I need to fill out to return home!  I am very excited! But it is a Horrible thought to think that this time has come so fast! But moving on from that subject because I do not even want to think about that.  CHRISTMAS WAS GREAT!  For those of you who don’t know. Christmas is on the 24th here in Norway…  So on the 24th in the morning Elder Johnson and I went Snow shoeing! It was great fun and we had a blast and saw some very beautiful scenery!  After our Snow shoe Tour around Northern Norway… all 1.5 miles we traveled!  :P we spent the rest of the day with the Michelsen Family and enjoyed our Christmas dinner with them. I would like to say! It was fantastic! J
Later that night as we were driving home I told Elder Johnson to stop the car… I ran out from the car and kicked over a Christmas tree and put it in the car! So we could have one for our home! So yeah, also over the Christmas Break. We had Mission Conference! Which was also very Great! We played ping pong and had lots of fun activities! But my favorite part was the mission wide ping pong tournament.
I made it to the championship round but I lost to Elder Bekker for the Gold!  J But it’s ok! Elder Bekker is a Great Player!  Anyways here are some pictures from my Christmas Break. And I will post my New Year Pictures next week!

Thank you for all of your love and support!
Love Elder Strange! 

Christmas Breakfast. Chocolatechip pancakes peanut butter
and real fake American Syrup!
on the way to go snow shoeing. 

temperature while snow shoeing. 

The View

The View again!

Afterwards.... just relaxing with Michelsen Family

Afterwards.... just relaxing with Michelsen Family

Afterwards.... just relaxing with Michelsen Family
and my Super Man Belt Buckle. 

The tree that I kicked over sorry that the picture didnt rotate.
but it adds to the effect that I kicked it OVER haha!

Elder Johnson and his Stocking... 

on the phone getting a Christmas greeting from Christine. 

He love Dried fruit!

Christmas Dinner! 

Christmas Dinner! 

Christmas Cat! RAWR!!!

Hey Thats MINE!!!! 
Yeap.... those are Real!!! 
That is too  SOON!!! O MY!!!! 

I still have 7 Months left!  :P 

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